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Glass Cleaner + Rain Repellent

Products Number: BBGCWR500

Cleans glass while applying a rain repellent agent. Cleans and shines glass surfaces, ideal for home, car or boat.

Combine our Bar's Bugs Glass Cleaner and trusty technique to banish those sneaky streaks and stubborn smudges!

1: Grab your Bar's Bugs Glass Cleaner

2: Reach for your TWO clean Microfibre Cloths

3: Use two to three sprays of your glass cleaner on the desired dirty glass 

4: With your first cloth run the spray up and down or across to remove dirt, debris and contamination, for tough marks such as droppings you may need to give an extra once over that particular mark - don't worry the lubrication from the glass cleaner will protect the glass 

5: With your second cloth simply buff the glass (up and down or across) to remove any remaining residue or contamination - up and down or straight across

6: You're all done! Streak free glass the easy way


  • Utilises a hydrophobic formula to create an invisible barrier between glass surfaces and the elements
  • Significantly improves visibility and safety on glass surfaces
  • Removes all road film, diesel spray, bugs etc
  • Repels water, sleet and snow
  • No webbing or streaks

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