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Stop leak - 150g

Products Number: BL150

The original and the best.
Cooling system sealer and conditioner, with a rust and corrosion inhibitor. Recommended for use in all engines, including Aluminium. Recommended for use with all quality Antifreeze. Non toxic. Bar’s Leaks Stop Leak has millions of tiny particles that circulate within the cooling system to form lasting internal and external seals in the engine block and head, radiator and heater cores, hose connections and freeze plugs.


  • Specially formulated for Australian and New Zealand conditions
  • The original sealer and conditioner
  • Principal ingredient is a natural product
  • Rust and corrosion inhibitor
  • Recommended for use in all engines including aluminium
  • Recommended for use with all quality anti-freeze
  • Harmless to rubber, plastic and all metals
  • Quick and simple to use in the most trying conditions
  • Used and recommended by leading vehicle manufacturers
  • Reduces electrolysis
  • Seals weeping freeze plugs
  • 150g is suitable for 4 cylinder engines

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