Bar's Leaks

Bar’s Leaks first revved up back in 1947, when it created the now - famous formula to stop a radiator leak from within. With over 65 years of experience under our belt, you can trust that Bar’s Leaks has a product to fix your leak.


Bar's Leaks is Founded

Bar's Leaks founded in California by Fred Barton, who discovers a unique ingredient called RHIZEX to stop radiator leaks. RHIZEX is later awarded a patent by the U.S. Trademark and Patent Office.


Products Enter Automotive Aftermarket

Bar's Leaks enters the traditional automotive aftermarket: jobbers, warehouses and repair garages. The products debut in glass bottles.


Adopted by Major U.S. Automakers

Bar's Leaks products used in regular and heavy duty assembly lines as OEM treatments by major US automakers. This practice continues today on a global scale.


Bar's Leaks Stops Major Leak in USS Nautilus

During the legendary trip of the nuclear submarine USS Nautilus, Bar's Leaks is used to stop a hidden leak in one of the vessel's nuclear reactor steam condensers, which allowed the submarine to complete its historic mission as the first submarine to travel under the North Pole


Products Update their Look

Bar's Leaks switches packaging from its original glass bottle to advanced metal cans to enhance product durability and longevity.


Enters Retail Auto Aftermarket

Bar's Leaks enters the retail auto aftermarket. Its products are found in major auto parts retailers around the world to this day.


Introduces New Line of Products

Bar's Leaks introduces tablet-based stop leak product. Since then, over 1 billion tablets have been sold.


Bar's Bugs is Developed

Bar's Leaks Australia & H.O. Wiles develop a windscreen cleaner additive to perform in Australasian conditions. Due to the trementdous cleaning performance, Bar's Bugs has been the Number 1 selling screen wash year afer year.


NO'VERHEAT Kit is Created

Fred Barton invents NO'VERHEAT, a kit that converts cars' open cooling systems to closed. NO'VERHEAT sells in three sizes to accommodate all vehicle types.


Brand Reaches a Milestone

Bar's Leaks sells one-hundred-millionth bottle of cooling system stop leak.


Modern Plastics Technology Used for New Packaging

Taking advantage of modern plastics technology, Bar's Leaks migrates all products to a plastic bottle, reducing weight while keeping preduct durability high.


Bar's Leaks, Still Going Strong

Bar's Leaks is sold around the globe including OEM, factory installed new vehicles made in the USA and Internationally, including General Motors, Ford, Chrysler, and Subaru. Bar's Leaks is the most widely used and trusted stop leak and rust inhibitor in the world.


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