How to remove bugs from car windows & windscreens

It can be difficult to remove dirt, grime, diesel spray and bugs from your windscreen. Bar’s Bugs is the leading brand for glass care and windscreen perfection. Bar’s Bugs Windscreen washer additive will give you instant clear vision which is paramount for safer driving.

  • For quick and easy use: Lift bonnet of car and pour approx. 75ml of Bar’s Bugs concentrate into your water reservoir and fill the rest with water. Remember the product is a concentrate so be sure not to use too much otherwise it could streak.

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How about Passenger Windows?? Does Bar’s Bugs have a solution??

Indeed, we do!

  • Surrounding windows can also get extremely grubby especially with little ones or beloved pets in the back.
  • Get streak free windows - designed to remove grease from glass surfaces as well as dirt, dust and hand prints. Suitable for cleaning windows, mirrors and windscreens.

Bar’s bugs is the market leading most trusted brand in the glass and windscreen segment. We now have a trigger spray no fuss solution that is ready to use on all glass surfaces. Simply wipe on and off with a microfibre cloth!


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