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Anti-Fog Treatment - 125ml

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Easy spray on/wipe off application

Suitable for use on glass, mirors and plastic


Anti-Fog Glass Treatment

125ml Fog-Eliminating Spray For Glass & Mirrors

Bar's Bugs Anti-Fog Glass Treatment eliminates fogging and steaming of interior glass and mirrors.
The best way to fight fog is to prevent it from developing in the first place! Rely on Bar's Bugs Anti Fog for clear visibility in humid or temperature-chaing environments. 

It's easy to use! Simply wipe on/wipe off to prevent interior glass from fogging up for up to a month. 

How to use: 

  1. Spray Anti-Fog directly onto the surface you want to treat (designed for use on glass, mirrors, plastics)
  2. Leave to cure
  3. Buff away lightly for a streak free, fog-resistant finish 

Bar's Bugs Anti-fog Mirror & Glass Treatment can also be useful in other environments prone to fogging, such as bathrooms, kitchens and within spectacles and helmet visors.
(Hint: give it a go on your bathroom mirror!) 

The benefits of using anti-fog on interior glass and surfaces are clear.
Bar's Bugs anti-fog glass coating helps maintain a clear line of sight, improving situational awareness and was especially formulated to save time de-fogging your windscreen. 

Bar's Bugs has mastered instant clean vision for your exterior glass with Bar's Bugs Windscreen Cleaner, so it was time we developed a product for your interior. Save time, improve driving safety & enjoy Instant Clear Vision with Bar's Bugs Anti-Fog. 

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Anti-Fog Treatment - 125ml

$13.00 AUD

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