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De-Icer 500ml

  • Sku: BBDI500
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Instantly melts frost

The formulation also prevents water refreezing, ensuring greater visibility during the winter months

A non-smearing, high volume spray for quick & easy application

Can be used on windshields, mirrors and other critical glass areas where ice & snow accumulate

Will not damage surrounding paintwork, rubber wipers etc


Introducing the latest addition to the Bars Bugs product line, the Bar's Bugs De-Icer. This handy product is ideal for those who enjoy winter activities such as skiing, snowboarding, or reside in areas with extremely cold weather conditions.
By effectively melting frost, this product ensures a clear line of vision, promoting safer driving.
Additionally, the unique formula of Bar's Bugs De-Icer also helps to prevent water from refreezing, thus maintaining optimal clarity during the winter months. 

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De-Icer 500ml

$15.00 AUD

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