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Wheel Kit

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Kit contains:

  • 1 x Wheel Cleaner & Iron Remover 500ml
  • 1 x Tyre Shine 350g


Wheel Cleaner and Tyre Shine 

2pc Wheel Kit

Give your wheels the attention they deserve with our Wheel Kit - Includes Bar's Bugs Wheel Cleaner and Bar's Bugs Tyre Shine. ​

  • Wheel Cleaner & Iron Remover 500ml
  • Tyre Shine Aerosol 350g

The Wheel Cleaner and Iron Remover combats stubborn brake dust with a satisfying colour transformation - see the product work it's magic as the spray turns purple! Once you've cleaned your car, bring life back to your tyres with the Bar's Bugs Tyre Shine. It provides a lasting deep-black, wet look shine in seconds. 

Wheel Cleaner and Iron Remover

A highly effective and extremely fast-acting wheel cleaner and iron contamination remover. Upon contact with the surface, this powerful formulation dissolves all iron contamination, including harmful brake dust. A colour change mechanism – which turns the product from orange to purple – indicates when the iron particles have been neutralised and can be safely rinsed away.

Bar’s Bugs Wheel Cleaner & Iron remover also reduces the need to agitate treated surfaces, due to its unique viscous formulation and superior dwell time. Safe on wheels and painted surfaces.

Tyre Shine

Bar’s Bugs Tyre Shine delivers long-lasting wet shine and protection without any greasy mess. Gives a deep black shine to exterior plastic car parts and rubber pieces. Restores a fresh new look to plastics and rubber. It's dry-to-the-touch finish does not attract dirt or dust and is perfect for low-profile and large off-road tyres. It easily coats grilles, grates, fender liners, and more!

2 Piece Kit includes ​

  • Wheel Cleaner & Iron Remover 500ml
  • Tyre Shine Aerosol 350g

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Wheel Kit

$35.00 AUD

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